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Spyware - Because its not just big brother any more. Be aware of what is running on your computer, what it is doing, who put it there, why they put it there and if they had the right to put it there.

Forget big brother, forget surveillance cameras, now your every action online could be being recorded without your explicit permission.

This practice must be brought out into the open, so that you have a choice before giving out highly personal information. Thats what this issue is mainly about choice and awareness.

We are not here to stop the collection of consumer data, obviously it is really important information and helps companies survive in a competitive environment, but the manner in which it is gathered is a different matter.

This site is intended to raise awareness of the issue that certain companies through their software installs are placing "Media Plugins", "SpyWare", "Backdoor Santas" or "Trojans" on your computers without your explicit permission and then potentially forwarding information about software, browsing & purchasing habits back to their own data collection facilities. This type of software has become collectively known as SpyWare. We will also show you how Spyware can be detected and removed.

Most of these Adbots, or spyware programs DON'T collect specific information about you, but only report general demographics, and therefore are NOT stealing your name, credit card, or other personal information. But these capabilities do exist. Also its good not to wrongly accuse all Adware in this argument as proper Adware is a serious revenue model for many software companies that allows you to get products for free, and used correctly does not pose a significant privacy threat.

It has been proven that software companies who denied their software was even able to forward personally identifying information were not telling the truth. Using combinations of Machine and MAC address codes you can be tracked.

The information gathered by these companies is potentially being sold and combined with other databases to build up profiles of individual web users, we believe this is primarily for direct marketing purposes. And to quote Gilles Lalonde "...what I do in the privacy of MY own HOME is MY business and MY business alone, like what you personally do in the privacy of YOUR own HOME, is YOUR business and YOUR business alone. Software authors that use spyware do not care about anyone's privacy. They breach our personal privacy and spoil our Internet experience ".

Within the net community certain individuals have literally gone beyond the call of duty in detecting and raising public awareness of these issues; we would personally like to thank them for all their hard and inspirational work. Where possible throughout this site credits are given directly to the individual with links through to other relevant resources.


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This site is intended to raise awareness of one of the most important issues affecting private and corporate internet users today. All Trademarks are the property of their rightful owners.

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Spyware Watch (UK)- What is spyware? - What is stealware? - Discussion Forum - Spyware news - Downloads

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